Monday, March 2, 2009

Peek Inside WidgetBucks with Fast Company TV's Robert Scoble, Part I

Robert Scoble
Blogger, tech evangelist, author and widely-known tech geek Robert Scoble of Fast Company TV recently visited WidgetBucks' offices in Seattle, Washington, on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. He spent some time chatting (and videotaping) WidgetBucks CEO Matt Hulett about the company's background, what we're focused today and where we're headed tomorrow. Check out the video below or directly on the site here, and stay tuned tomorrow for Part II here on the WidgetBucks Blog.

Robert also interviews WidgetBucks Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Greg Harrison, who explains WidgetBucks' biggest challenge today, its stance on cloud computing and iframes, as well as how lack of Flash capability on mobile devices like iPhone limit the user experience, especially with ads.

Part I of II (Part II comes tomorrow)


utahinternetmarketing said...

Fantastic camera work :)

Dean Jutilla said...

@utah In classic Scoble fashion, when he's on the road, he uses his Flip HD video camera mounted on a mono-pod to keep it steady while moving around. He tends to use his larger, higher-end camera for interviews in the Bay Area, where he's based.