Monday, October 8, 2007

WidgetBucks Reporting Update 10/8

Update: WidgetBucks' real-time impression and click data is nearly caught up after the technical issue that started Sunday. Data catch-up from yesterday (10/8) is nearly complete (by early evening PT) and 10/9 (today's data thus far) will finalize shortly after that. We will remove the "Impressions/Clicks reporting currently delayed" in red when all is completed.

- Dean


Our log reports indicate early Sunday both impressions and clicks stopped appearing within user's My Widgets reporting screen. The cause has been identified and resolved, as of 9 am PDT this morning (10/8). Stats are updating now and should be completely caught up later today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for using WidgetBucks!

- Dean


Sidhu said...

Account is still not showing updated clicks and impressions.

Team WidgetBucks said...

Hi Sidhu,
As indicated in the post, updated figures should be completed by later today. Sorry I can't give you an exact time but the updated numbers will populate. Thanks for your patience.

HDM said...

Will you give as a report of how our referrers are doing and how much money we've earned from them?

Sidhu said...

And also when those signing up bonus 25$ would show in our account?

HDM said...

Where we can send feature requests?

Team WidgetBucks said...

Yes, we will be adding a report that shows number of people that you have referred and how much you have earned in referral fees.

In that same area we will show
your account total, which will include the $25 bonus, your commissions from your widgets, and your referral fees.

You can send feature requests to

Thanks for the questions. Keep the clicks flowing.


Leszek Pawlowicz said...

Impression/click tracking has stopped again as of AM 10/9; looks like it's only up to date through about mid-day yesterday (10/8). I think you need to fix this problem ASAP.

mechanix said...

hi..first of all congrats..ur doin a great job with widgetbucks and the ppc rates are really good..jus a couple of advices to make it even more better...
1.there should be a are where we can find out our total earnings from all the zones including our bonus $25
2.if a widget is deleted does that mean the earnings with it are deleted ..if not there is no way we can find out the earnings associated with that widget..

a couple of flaws nonwithstanding ..widgetbucks is a great r supercool n I wish it all the best..hope you find my ideas useful:)

Rewaj said...

Well I m just waiting to see WB performance, currently its seems me this program is not much stable, Rate Wise its good and I m ready to invest few millions impressions there, But WB have to resolve delay in reporting it’s irritating

binhaus said...
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binhaus said...

me and my friends got the issues of login to acc...
we can login to obtained the code affter register and actived ..
but when use other computer or using proxy.. I can not get in to acc
the problems may be from server is blocking IPs traffic go to https..

please release those ip or fix this server..

Энгельский Бомж said...

Thanks for WidgetBucks!

Aris Yulianta said...

Account is still not showing updated clicks and impressions on my blog