Monday, November 19, 2007

WidgetBucks RPC News, Podcast Slated for Wednesday

On Wednesday, November 21, WidgetBucks' audited November earnings data will be updated. Due to extensive work behind-the-scenes, figures that have been in red ("pending") since late last week will turn to black ("audited") on that day. In addition to a post on the topic, we will be streaming a first-ever publisher podcast with CEO, Matt Hulett (pictured, right). We will be sharing news around our recent policy changes, as well as good news around increased Revenue-Per-Click (RPC) figures. Publishers will be able to see and hear the work being done to improve RPC, so subscribe to our RSS feed to catch the news.

Along with the anticipated RPC news, we'll also be giving updates on some of the following:

  • impressions growth as WidgetBucks nears the end of its second month
  • a sneak peek at new widget creatives
  • branded CPM ads coming to WidgetBucks

So as we work toward these goals, thanks for your patience on reporting. We'll be sure to get the information out as early in the day on Wednesday for U.S. publishers who may be heading off to the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday. You will be armed with a bunch of information in order to get your ads ready for "Cyber Monday," the Monday after the U.S. observes Thanksgiving and considered one of the most active online shopping days of the holiday.

- Dean


TheWolf23 said...

you fucking scammer bannig publishers for no reason

Federica said...

I wish you all the best, and hope you will grow even bigger. Though it will probably take a few months until you will gain 100% trust from publishers.
We all want to make money, so I guess, the more you make - the more we (webmasters) make.
About angry people who got banned - i think, if you WB team, provide them with more information regarding their ban, they would see the reason more clearly. For example: if you write them an email saying "from this ip (you provide the specific ip) there was click fraud".
Anyway, I think your widget technology is unique, so keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Good to see more developments on the way. Look forward to the CPM ads too.
The Widgetbucks is a very unique idea.
Nice change from other ad networks.
Keep up the good work.
A new program takes time to build up trust but that will happen with time.

Aris Yulianta said...

I'll wait your quick action. I don't want to see your program end tragically like agloco. Good job!

dean bucks said...

since they are faking fraud ...

Aris Yulianta said...

I really worry about scam program. Widgetbucks bring a new fresh air to the crowded blogosphere. But I bet 50/50 for this program. I don't sure about the continuity of this program due to lack of preparation expressed by the ads click report posponement. That's a nightmare for ads publisher. I hope WB admin team could solve this matter promptly and share the information directly to all publisher and subscriber.

Harish! said...

If I was Mr.Dean, i would have done the same..
Eventhough I am from India, I liked/like/will like WB..
Its not a scam for sure..Why would they spend 1000's of $$$ then?

I hope they will add more countries which will get money from "clicks"...India would be a good option...what say Dean??


Komunitas Blogger Garut said...

I'll wait your quick action. I don't want to see your program end tragically like agloco. Good job!

hmmmm Since This Week Widgetbuck earn's suspend ??? Or Just Blog With Indonesian Language ?? I Think U Serious in This Business ... I Wait two Week before we are remove all your Widget from our Site.

inspechore said...

i would just like to know(since i cant use the diesignated system why my rate per click is at zero and i am not making any money. u can contact me at to answer the question or reply right here.

Zoki said...

Counter on my widgetbucks acount stop counted click after november 15th.
Will it be fixed by 21 ?

I am getting 50% US and Canada traffic

champs1uk said...

Hey guys

has anyone else seen their revenue go down by about %25 in the last few hours?

Fuks said...

same as ZOKI

Zoki said...

It was an error.
Thanks WidgetBucks team for fixing that

Ankil Sanghvi said...

hey click ads on my site

vertiscire said...

I have one question and maybe someone will tell me:

Since week I didn't earn anything.But i know that user click because it's big portal and someone must click on Widgets Buck.

Has Widgets Bucks some problems with system of eraning?
I dont belive that I earn nothing.

Please tell me

Vabs said...


Widgetbucks is doing a good job and the whole world now knows about it.

But, many people like me have removed widgetbucks widget because of 2 reasons:-

1) It takes a lot of time to load. Visitors will run away in the mean time.

2) The widgets available are limited.

If widgetbucks can improve drastically in these 2 areas, it is going on a roll.

With regards,

UVME said...

i agree with Vabs...

ayman said...

thanks much

ayman said...

thanks alot