Friday, January 4, 2008

Reporting Delay Update

Some of the PPC and CPM reporting delays we first reported here on New Year's Day appear to be continuing. However, we are making progress in getting everything up to date. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused all of you.

PPC data
We anticipate PPC data will be updated by Sunday night, Jan. 6, with the exception of Dec. 31 data. That day's data is still temporarily unavailable due to a reporting issue with one of our feed providers. So, like you, we anxiously await those figures and will report them as soon as possible. Please be aware, that Dec. 31 data could possibly be delayed until Monday or later.

CPM data
CPM updating is slightly behind PPC, although Dec. 31 data IS included (that information is coming from a different feed provider). CPM reporting data should be updated through Jan. 1 by tomorrow and we're optimistic that the remaining days will done by end of the weekend with PPC data.

Again, thank you for your patience.

- Dean


Rick said...

I have to say this is starting to erode my confidence in Widgetbucks. I don't know how long I'm willing to wait this out.

The last time this happened I lost about 50% of my earnings for a day - where did those earnings go?

Other than this I love the product, so I'm really hoping you sort this trouble out quickly and permanently.

un1cOoL said...

damn, my reports are delayed for 1 and a half month and you tel me that you will resolve it now ?! yeah sure !

olteanu said...
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krelay said...

Wow! You must have had one hell of a good new years party. I'm normally up and about after three days!
Or, perhaps you need some professional help. I'm sure many of us have much more experience than you appear to have! Just ask! Or say Goodbye!

enhancedservers said...

I've been experiencing problems with thousands of clicks that haven't been registering dating back to mid November. Based on previous earnings I feel that has resulted in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars not registering in my account. I feel, despite many attempts to contact Widgetbucks that little is being done to rectify the situation. Please contact me regarding this issue ASAP.

Hervard said...

I know the report data gets there in the end, but I'm just curious - what's causing these delays?

Team WidgetBucks said...

@enhancedservers: pls send an email to dean [at] mpire [dot] com so i can help look into your issue. thx. dean

krelay said...

Well the first two days of January are now being reported. My server logs show over one thousand page views from 149 uniques over this period. You show 39 impressions!

Patel Sagar said...

I don't get much traffic like professional sites, but I want to ask that if my report shows total 505 impressions and 0.00$ revenue, what it means? I am frustrated seeing this.
I am getting traffic from India, USA, Canada etc. So, I don't think they are the countries for which advertisers are not willing to pay money.
Can anybody help me?

Syphex said...

Widgetbucks, you have really disappointed me! I think im going to quit using widget bucks, thank god i never used them longer then a day or two.

Cobra said...

I don't see any reports... still on 0.. and i served more than 500k impresions this month...

Jesus Escobar said...

"Before January 6th Sunday Night"

It's getting late :( and lets see if my stats are going to be correct :)

Cant Wait.

|oVeS said...

i have sent so many times of email to u dean but yet NONE of it u bother to reply at all for my issue EVER since the new widget code is out. This is getting so sickening. I cant earn any single revenue AT ALL unlike last time at least in a mth i can earn abt $10+ BUT now? Not even 0.01cents at all.

Shocker said...

Hah! I was absolutely sure this will happen: you show that shit with "Impressions/Clicks reporting currently delayed.", and after that, every single day from that period HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CLICKS.

This happens every time, YES, EVERY TIME, it's like the fourth time this is happening.
Who are you guys trying to fool?

Shocker said...
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Jesus said...

It's Jan 7 in 1 hour and 30 minutes here and still no stats, BTW My site doesnt show anything for people in china :S

Shocker said...
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Shocker said...

Oh, and by the way, all you can say is "Please send us an email and we will try to screw you.".

Yea right, giving false hopes to people.

You almost never answered technical questions or any other questions, just "thank you for your support","please send an email".

This is just another extremly bad quality service, that doesn't give a shit on it's customers.

LE: Oh, and ANOTHER 'by the way', it's 7th of January, I have PayPal payment method selected and still didn't recieve my payment. Very nice indeed

LE: What seems to be the problem Dean, don't you have the 'ballz' to answer my questions?

Jesus said...

What i noticed with widgetbucks staff is that they actually Stock, see all conversations you have of them on the internet lol...I need the stats for Jan 2 -7 :(

Jesus Escobar said...

:( Sadly stats werent updated in time promised :(

Blog web said...
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Catfish_Rivers said...

It would be nice to have some sort of news update about what's going on since our record have been updated by the time stated.

taylorwilsdon said...

My stats were not updated as promised.

It still is only up to the 2nd and all I have is some lame answer in my ticket that says it will be fixed by... yesterday.

When I call, I get "Brian"'s voicemail on the operator line.

I'm not exactly impressed.


Anonymous said...


What happened to Sunday? It's now Monday and my stats still stuck at 02/01/07. Oh actually, they've backtracked to the 1st now. So my stats have gone back to the 1st from the 2nd.

Now.. I've supported widgetbucks as a new customer so much when people have complained - but if you make promises, you must stick to them. Else it's just unfair, right? Don't make any sort of promises again please.

When will the 2nd - 7th be made up? Alls I want is one month of Widgetbucks to put my trust in you, and a payment. Currently you're struggling just to show me how many impressions are made!


ECS said...

I really think you guys need to go back to showing the red "un-confirmed" numbers live so we can at least get an idea of our numbers, then go back and put them in black once they are set in stone. Just my two cents as a publisher.

Jesus said...

i have ditched my other ad networks for this :(

Please Widget Bucks, i am losing patience with this delay.


|oVeS said...

widgetbucks teams do u have any idea what is the MAIN reason people are getting impatient with your team? IT IS BECAUSE your team DOESN'T BOTHER to REPLY our emails when you yourself comment us to send in emails if we have any requires BUT what do we get? EMPTY PROMISES. This is not the way things work, if this continue you will CONTINUE to lose bloggers although i don't know if this is what your team wants.

|oVeS said...

BTW i left about $10+ before i can cashout already which i was so looking forward to BUT ever since your NEW widget were out i don't earn a single cent at all that left me struck here with choice of pulling out your ads or not. If this is how widgetbucks do things I AM TOTALLY disappointed with your team. Initially i even comment widgetbucks is much better than nuffnang as they let us EARN more but now I TAKE BACK my WORDS!

Anonymous said...
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Jesus Escobar said...

I want to chat with someone about widgetbucks, go Ill be there to talk to you about Widget Bucks.

Vikram said...

I think we all have waited long and time to get out of this site. This is just another fake site. Trying to cheat people.

Instead try amazon assoicate program.

Mohammad Arshad said...

plsssssssssssssssssssssss -------------------------- hurry -------------- or else everybody will think wrong of this scheme -this is sure to cause u much !
so pls -----i 'm losing patience !

Catfish_Rivers said...

You really should update us with a new blog post. Even if there is no new news. Bad customer care if you ask me.

The worst thing is to leave the customer out in the cold wondering what the scenario is. Silence comes across as sneaky and dishonest, as if you are trying to cover something up.

Please update your customers daily with an issue such as this.

-=KSK=- said...

widegetbucks team u are crappy promises its jan 9 2008 and still stats not shows
i have lost patience
my stats are delayed from novemvber

ur eating up hundreds of dollars we all bloggers would have made.
everybody change out to any other ad agency
i think tis is a big big scam
thats why google also banned widegetbucks from its search terms

try a widegetbucks search in google and u wont get any
bcoz google identified u scammers

crap crap crap

Team WidgetBucks said...

@all re: reporting delays: Well, obviously, we didn't deliver on the timeline we promised heading into last weekend. Our deepest apologies -- not sure what else can be said. We've got full engineering resources on this 'round the clock to get it updated and current. CTO Greg Harrison has just told me Jan. 4 is completed and Jan. 5 is updating as this is being written. Naturally, as there becomes less back data, things speed up. We can only ask for your patience. Regards.

-=KSK=- said...

i am waiting and waiting and waiting
from many months
i hope this is not another crappy promises

digit said...
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taylorwilsdon said...

Well, January 5th was never updated.

Frankly, I think it would be in your best interests to do something fantastic to make this up to everyone.

I'm not the least bit impressed and this whole experience has greatly shaken my confidence. If there is another hiccup after this is resolved, I think I will be pulling my ads entirely.

Do the right thing, get the data up to date ASAP and don't let it fall behind again. Just hiding behind excuses and false promises isn't going to make you any friends.


Bernadet said...

I agree that my confidence in Widgetbucks is definitely growing weak these days. When I signed up a few months ago I was doing great, within two months I had $40. But then suddenly $15 dissapeared into nothingness. But I forgot about since I was still earning quite well. But eversince the CPM adds were introduced I`ve earned $0.58...Only 58 cents! I really like WB and I`ve got a lot of patience but I`d really like to earn something again as I`m not putting the adds on my site because I think they`re so pretty XD

Alibata Batugan said...

My Dec 31, 2007 stat is not showing any click which i think is impossible (probably a bug), i have 700+ impression on that day. I have January 1 - 8, 08 stat but not Dec 31, 07.

I tried using the support page on but i can't registered, i tried 3 email but failed.

Is there a direct email for the support ? Thanks

Genious said...

Well Well, Well.

It seems to be a very good start.
it's my first day, if i say first few hours, i put ads on my web site. was curious about my impressions,have not notice any change. still showing 0.
I get here by chance, but i guess i will be quiting very soon.


andylau918 said...

my account why has been suspended ?
my money?
why don't reply?

Kaushik said...

I'm using widgetbucks for the last 3 days and I'm yet to see my results. 0 impression.

What type of network are you guys running that requires so many days to update the stats?