Monday, January 14, 2008

WidgetBucks' Night at the OWAs

As mentioned last week, the Mpire/WidgetBucks crew was in San Francisco at Mashable's Open Web Awards at the Palace Hotel, where about 300 industry folks were gathered. WidgetBucks earned People's Choice honors in the Application and Widget category. Here are a few shots from the event, along with a not-so-great quality video of Mpire CEO Matt Hulett's brief acceptance speech. Presenting the award is Kristen Nicole, head writer at Mashable. To see more photos off WidgetBucks at OWA, click here, here and here.

Pictured below are Matt and Greg Harrison, Mpire/WidgetBucks' Chief Technical Officer. In the team picture are (l-r) Catherine Gerlach, VP of Business Development, Matt Hulett CEO, Greg Harrison CTO, Gary Kamikawa (VP of Interactive Advertising) and Dean Jutilla, Marketing Director.


myspace layouts said...

Hmmm, maybe you should "stay home" and instead fix your stuff so publishers get paid what they are supposed to be getting paid?

Lucky they don't use widgetbucks on mashable or you guys would have been disqualified long ago lol ;)

MrAdVenture said...

Darn.I was hoping I could be the first to call bullsh*t.
Your claims that clicks and impressions are up to date is a laughable joke
I know for a mathematical certainty that you are lying.
Unless you are prepared for an all out revolt by publishers I suggest youi ayt least come clean and admit you lost the data.I can accept not being paid for 2 weeks worth of clicks,but not when you insist that all is well when we all know you are lying.
If you honestly feel you are telling the truth I suggest to you that you do not have the sense needed to succeed in the long term I urge you to find some sucker to buy your obviously flawed script.
Sign me very disappointed.

|oVeS said...

I believe more than enuff ppl been telling them wat r the issues they r having BUT i see no improvement in our problems. Seriously it more like they dun care if they lose more publishers or not. Making publishers to put ur widget yet doesnt wan to spend $$ to pay publishers? Does it sound fair to ppl? Since Nov tt stopid widget is out i dun even get a single cents be it CPC or CPM. There are impression on CPC BUT 0 clicks while 0 impression on CPM when there r US visitors IT IS NOT MAKING ANY SENSE AT ALL!!