Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have You Got Your iPhone on WidgetBucks Yet?

Apple recently halted the online sale of the iPhone, indicating they were out of stock companywide, but publishers can still get theirs on WidgetBucks. Ok, well, these iPhones don't exactly make calls or snap photos -- these are iPhone widget skins and they look very cool on your site or blog.

What's a skin, you ask? Skins simply change the way your ad widget looks. More technical types call this "user interface." The benefit is the ability to make the widget either grab more attention by standing out or blending with editorial content -- depending on the desire of the publisher.

The iPhone skin widget is currently offered in two sizes -- 160x300 (iPhone, pictured to right) and 160x600 (a slider phone, see right sidebar if you are based in the U.S.). A significant number are using these already, including this publisher

These styles are found within the "Choose a Size" pull-down menu. After selecting, just "update" your code and the iPhone skin will automatically populate on your site -- no need to repaste code.

We Want Your Vote
Over the coming weeks we'll be offering a gallery of various pre-made skins, as well as the ability to fully customize your widgets (think Winamp meets widgets). For the gallery options, we'd love your input on what you'd like to see, so please vote below.

- Dean


Shocker said...

"Over the coming weeks we'll be offering a gallery of various pre-made skins"

Team WidgetBucks said...

@shocker: i'm happy to look into your situation if you email me directly at dean @ widgetbucks dot com. as other publishers can attest, payments have gone out regularly since WidgetBucks launched. i look forward to your email so we can get you taken care of.

SearchE said...

very true, never miss a payment with wb. Even they send us the payments earlier!

SearchE said...

very true , all payments for our web has been sent even 2 weeks earlier.