Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A WidgetWebExpo Fly-by

WidgetWebExpo is taking place in Brooklyn, New York, this week. Earlier today, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures held a keynote on, what else, widgets. Lawrence Coburn of Sexywidget was in the audience and provided a verbatim recap of Fred's talk, which opined that widgets are too cumbersome and that people want to consume info in a river (i.e. Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook Newsfeed, etc.). Also, that engagement of widgets is what matters -- who’s clicking and doing what.

What do you think?

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Doublet said...

I love widgets, and have found many useful ones, many quirky ones and just plain useless ones.

The most useful one so far is TokSee's universal chat widget(http://goaskterry.com).

So far, Widgetbucks seems like a great idea... certainly a step up from trying to place banner codes and linking to monetize my site through uses such as commission junction, From what I see, widgets are completely "in" right now!