Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Sizes, Categories Now Available on WidgetBucks

We have added two new ad sizes on WidgetBucks, giving publishers and bloggers more options for their sidebars. Rolled into the fold is a 160x300 sidebar size, essentially a shorter, more "vertically-challenged" version of the original 160x600 wide skyscraper size. The other new size is a more narrow 120x600 skyscraper. Later this week, we'll be adding a few new creative options in 728x90 and 300x250 sizes.

We've also incorporated 11 new categories, including Green Living, Oprah's Book Club, U.S.-Made Lead-Free Toys, and just in time for the campaign trail, popular Left and Right Wing books (in separate categories, of course). The Green Living category includes a few so-called "cradle-to-cradle" items which are getting media attention lately, kind of Green 2.0, while recent toy recalls should make the lead-free toy list popular to visitors.

A few live examples are currently running on this blog, and a 160x300, US-made lead-free toys screen shot is at right. Here's the complete list of new categories:

  • Green living
  • Oprah Winfrey's Book Club list
  • Liberal left books
  • Conservative right books
  • US-made lead-free toys
  • Cartoon collections
  • Top comic books
  • Pet dogs
  • Pet cats
  • Women's ageless skin care
  • Men's ageless skin care
Also remember that updating your widget titles, colors, topics and subcategories is an easy, one-click process. Once you've made the desired changes to an existing widget within the Customize Your Widget page, simply click "Update" and code will automatically adjust on your site. However, if you change the widget's size, you'll need to reapply the code to your site as you did when originally setting it up.

- Dean


Admin said...

what about the loadings? couldnt you take the loading because its really slows down my navegations speed and the people who sees my blog!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the new categories and ad sizs. Makes it allot easier to get the right category and size for our websites/Blogs.
All going well.

flanture said...

I have also problem of slow loading, however my widget is slightly lower on my blog which acts like little trick. When user browse down widget loads in the meantime.

More categories and sizes is great move.


EU said...

what about more colours??

MedicBoyz said...

hi there,
i would like to thank you for the nice widget.
really love the design and colour.
keep up th good work.

ps:is it possible to ask for cheque for those living outside US?coz i dun hav a paypal account.
Im from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I think good too see new sizes but you guys should read this article before commenting, save your time:

I do not know what WB team say in this case

Technology of The Day said...

what about to add another payment method than check and paypal
we are here in arabic world can't withdraw or money from paypal just deposit money and make online shopping
i have u add some other E-banks such as moneybookers its work with all arabic country

i hope also decrease the time for payment process to less than 45 days its along time maybe 30 days will be great

thsadmin said...

Yeah I am finding the loading times are slow aswell, once you place a few on a page,

when I am tracking the Page views compared to widget bucks impression count - the Widgets are falling well short - about 80% short actually.

So for 5000 uniques widgetbucks shows a total of 1000 impressions.

pchere said...

You really need to speed up the loading time of these units. I dont think readers can wait that long! :-)

Free ebooks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free ebooks said...

It seems lots of bloggers are facing loading problem. And everyone is saying loading time is too much and visitors don wait. Coz of loading time i just use only one unit at my site. If you improve loading time i can place more units. This issue is wide so you must have to do something quickly if you are really serious in this PPC business.

Free ebooks said...

Why you don provide option to choose more than one category for one widget??

Free ebooks said...

If you provide to choose more than one category in one widget we need not to place individual widget for individual category so loading time of page will not increase if we want to show ads from two category on one page.

Ankil said...

widgetbucks is going nice way but I hav got some queries.1) what about deleted widgets? 2) the customer care centre doesn't attend our queries 3)what about the payments in my country.Am i going to get payments in USD or INR(Indian Rs.)?
I would also like to inform widgetbucks that refrral programme of adsense is much better they give 255$ for every refrral that reaches the payout of 100$ and 2000$ bonous for 25 refrrals if they reach their payout within their respective 6 months.I would like widetbucks answer my query at .Ya the plan of allowing people to have a dilogue for their defense in case of fraud clicks is a very good move better than adsense

ismabera said...


it seems to me great opportunity.
As I am not from USA , can you suugest me something special - I mean what ads (widgets) to choose.

I have a question : how looks my referral link - to put in Signature in forums etc and I can not use banners.

cheers from Portugal

by the way - I am still Agloco fan

see my unknown blog

I am preparing Lesson No 2 and I need some help - can yu suggest me, please

HoloElectronics said...

what about to put the ads in site which have english and non english cotents but not in the same pages?
what also if the contents is in the same pages but the primary language not english? said...

WidgetBucks IS GREAT but there is a small problem !
the WidgetBucks ads in my site load only when its on the top of all the windows and when the ads is on the screen !!!! WidgetBucks ads can load faster then now .

sorry for my eng. ;)

Robert said...

Is there anyway that you can make the ads 250 x 250?