Friday, February 22, 2008

MerchSense Makes Sense for Higher Yield

Behind the scenes at WidgetBucks we've been working to improve MerchSense, our contextual algorithm. One way we're doing this is by implementing YieldSense(tm), which is technology that automatically generates the highest possible yield for publisher ad placements, and we're nearly ready to publish the first phase of these improvements. Starting as early as this weekend or Monday, U.S. and Canada visitors on sites that are running MerchSense will begin seeing short-duration display advertising running before WidgetBucks' traditional shopping widgets. This hybrid CPM display ad/PPC shopping widget combination is intended to help improve effective CPM (eCPM), while maintaining a great e-commerce experience through our widgets. Here is a summary of what is being announced:

  • Display ads will begin running before WidgetBucks' shopping widgets -- the duration and advertisers will be dynamic to best optimize for the eCPM of your individual site
  • Only U.S. and Canada visitors on sites running MerchSense will see the hybrid CPM display ad/PPC shopping widget (non-U.S. and Canada traffic continues to pay on a CPM basis)
  • Display ads are site-category specific and include major corporations as advertisers
  • Revenue earned through the display ads will appear within publishers' MyWidgets pages, and be included in the roll-up and pie-chart displays, as well as the "CPM Ads" tab
  • Only widgets configured for MerchSense will initially be able to take advantage of this automated yield optimization
  • As a reminder, MerchSense works best with product-specific sites and blogs rather than sites covering affiliate tools or online money making
One final note about display advertising: according to a JP Morgan report released in January, online display advertising is expected to jump 20 percent to $8.6 billion this year.

- Dean


Beats4u said...

Hi, I'm in Indonesia and I own a blog.I've been approved by your network to attach widgetbucks in my blog. The problem is everytime I attach it, the widget does not appear in the page. I did both ways, either manually copy the HTML code or automatically select Bloger to attach widget both ways do not work. What are the solutions ?

Team WidgetBucks said...

@beats4u: The reason you are not able to see the WidgetBucks PPC shopping widgets is because you are viewing your site from outside the U.S. and Canada. All traffic outside those two countries sees CPM ads. Check out our FAQ page on for more details. Cheers, Dean