Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reminder: Hybrid Widgets Require Updated Code

With the combined CPM display ad/PPC shopping widgets now running in all sizes on WidgetBucks, it's important that publishers are working with the latest ad code strand to take advantage of this dual-revenue ad widget.

This code change was actually announced over two months ago -- on Dec. 11 -- as part of the roll-out of CPM ads for non-U.S. and Canadian site visitors. At this point, only one-third of publishers have done so, meaning the rest aren't maximizing their revenue. To ensure you have the latest, which includes"ads.js" within the strand, go to a widget's Customize Your Widget page, click "Copy HTML" and repaste the code into your site.

- Dean


Off The Dome said...

I added my code on 2/1/2008 and haven't modified it, but I've already noticed hybrid widgets. Do I still need to update my code?

Team WidgetBucks said...

@dome: sounds like you are ok, but double check that you have the string of "ads.js" in your single strand of code. If you have that somewhere in there, you are good to go.