Monday, March 3, 2008

BusinessWeek: 'Widgets: Future of Online Ads'

This week, BusinessWeek ran an entire special section, "CEO Guide to Widgets." One particular article of interest, relative to WidgetBucks and all you publishers, was this piece titled, "Widgets: The Future of Online Advertising" along with a counter-point here. There's also this video interview about making money from widgets that's mildly informative.

- Dean


Carradee said...

Why, thank you for posting this, Dean. I appreciate it.

Enjoy your evening!


ph03n1x said...

Hi, This is a nice shot, Widgets will be more important in the future.

Thanks that, but I have a question, when will we get the payment of previous month? Generally widgetbucks pays at the beginning of the following week, but today is the 4th of March but there is no news about it?


Team WidgetBucks said...

@Pho3n1x: payments are being prepped for distribution right now. I'll post something on the blog as soon as they are ready, likely later today or tomorrow. Thanks.