Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Earn Free Money on WidgetBucks with 'Code for Cash'

We all like free stuff! Free lunch, free giveaways, free gas -- but nothing beats free money.

That's what WidgetBucks is giving away through 'Code for Cash' -- a $10 credit to your account simply by updating your WidgetBucks widget code on your site or blog. Starting on Wednesday, March 5 at noon PT, the FIRST 100 publishers who update their code (based on our log files) will be credited the 10-spot in their WidgetBucks account for February. This offer ends on Sunday (3/9) at noon PT, so hurry!

The benefit of updating your code also has to do with money: this new code will give you even more options and flexibility when selecting the type of WidgetBucks ad widgets that run on your site -- and give you the ability to earn even more. Today, the ads are focused on shopping, but in the coming weeks, additional ad models will be available, so stay tuned.

Here's what you need to do to get your $10 'Code for Cash' credit:
1. Within your MyWidgets page, go to "edit" for each active widget
2. Within "Customize your Widget" page, copy the HTML code and repaste it into your site or blog. Voila!

Note: This code change was originally announced on Dec. 11. If you've updated code since that time, you already have the correct code and there is no need for an update.

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